perfect to who?


Perfection has many definitions. At school, perfection is all about getting an A, in sports it’s usually winning a game or event, in the workplace, it’s about making the most money. No matter what interest you may have, there is always a “perfect” way to do it. However, perfection is an opinion, so how do you know what perfect to strive for?

Because it’s junior year, I have been going on many college tours lately. After the student ambassadors talk up the academics and clubs the schools offer, they explain how to get into the school. Each college says, “The range of this year’s incoming freshmen ACT and/or SAT scores were…and the average GPAs were…and they were all in the top …% of their class.” These topics always shift the presentation of the schools from fantasy to reality. Although I, just like you, have been preparing for standardized tests all of my educational life, does that justify the significance of these tests? Should colleges put our fate into a test we take in one day, showing our academic ability in some subjects that were covered back in elementary school? With college education getting more important in order to have a decent job, the idea of having one test possibly determine my college career has become very real, very fast. As I have studied and prepared to try to do as perfect as I can on those tests, the importance of them has slowly diminished in my mind. No grade on test should determine my future, because even if I do perfectly on it, it won’t guarantee my perfect results pertaining to the future. It reminds me that no matter how important someone’s definition of “perfect” may seem to me, I can’t let it take over who I really am because no college, no sports team, no job interview, no audition, no person, will ever define who I will become to me.

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